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Legal Terms and Conditions

You can read or print these legal Terms and Conditions, please read them carefully
1. Legal information
2. Conditions of Use of the website and information to the user
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Purpose
2.3 User Conditions
2.4 Disclaimer of warranty responsibility
2.5 Links to third party contents
2.6 Legislación aplicable y jurisdicción
3. Intellectual and Industrial Property
4. Protection of personal Data
4.1 Right to information
4.2 Purpose of Use
4.3 Mandatory and optional information and veracity of information.
4.4 Consent to Use of data
4.5 Data provided by minors
4.6 Electronic communications
4.7 Security
4.8 Cookies and IPs
4.9 Rights to access, correction, suppression and blocking of data.
4.10 Privacy policy revisions
4.11 Law and Jurisdiction

1. Legal information

MiParcela Farmer Marketing S.L owner of the web site

registered at Testa building - C/Barnils, 64-68, D, 4ª planta
08190 Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)
Tel. 935 045 600 Fax. 935 045 601

Tax ID No. B63350078

Registered at the Barcelona Trade Register the 20/02/2004 Volume 36344, Page 13, Sheet B-285775

2. Conditions of Use of the website and information to the user

2.1 Introduction

MIPARCELA FARMER MARKETING, S.L offers to the Internet Users the web site

The access and/or use of the web site is completely voluntary and it implies to whoever may access or use it the condition of USER. From the moment of access, every USER accepts unconditionally these terms of use and the protection of personal data policy as well as any particular conditions that could complement, substitute or modify them in any sense related to the services and contents of the site. In consequence, the USER should read carefully the legal conditions before accessing and/or using any of the services of the web site under his or her responsibility.

The user can access, print, download and keep the conditions of use at any moment. These conditions will be always accessible on the web site through the link "Legal conditions".

MIPARCELA FARMER MARKETING S.L (hereafter "MiParcela") reserves the possibility of modifying the legal conditions without previous notice, so it recommends the USER to read them every time he or she access or uses the web site

MiParcela can also change the design, presentation and/or configuration of the web site at any moment without previous notice. MiParcela can also change some or all the services of the web site and include new services at any moment without previous notice.

MiParcela reserves the right to deny access any moment without previous notice to the users who do not comply with these general conditions of use or the particular conditions of use applicable to them.

2.2 Purpose

These general conditions of use apply to the access and use of the web site (hereafter the web site) that MiParcela has created in order to facilitate the search for land for sale in Spain.

The purpose of this site is to create a meeting point for people interested in buying land and the owners or real estate agents interested in selling it though the listings on the web site. Serving this purpose MIPARCELA FARMER MARKETING S.L offers to the Internet users interested in the purchasing or selling of land the web site

To the USER registered through the register form of the web site, MiParcela offers the following free services:

  • Easy, fast and transparent search of listings of plots of land for sale published on the site (the access to this service does not require registry).
  • Form to establish direct e-mail contact with the owner or the seller of the land for sale.
  • Participation on MiParcela's Blog trough the posting of comments.
  • E-mail alerts of news listings of land for sale according to the preferences of the user.
  • A glossary with all the information and definitions of the real estate sector (the access to this service does not require registry)
  • A directory of contractors (the access to this service does not require registry)
  • E-mail and/or SMS promotions and information about the land sector and other sectors enunciated in the 4.6 paragraph of the protection of personal data policy.

To the USER listing plots for sale and registered through the forms of the web site, MiParcela offers the following services:

  • Free listing for the owner or real estate agent offering land for sale. The listing includes the creation of an ad with the data, localization, pictures and comments about the land for sale.
  • Self management of the listings through the user's personal menu.
  • Branding platform to the real estate agents and professional sellers through the creation of a company profile with data, information, localization and the logo of their company.
  • Form to establish direct e-mail contact with the owner or the seller of the land for sale.
  • Participation on MiParcela's blog through the posting of comments A glossary with all the information and definitions of the real estate sector (the access to this service does not require registry)
  • E-mail and/or SMS promotions and information about the land sector and other sectors enunciated in the 4.6 paragraph of the protection of personal data policy.

MiParcela will only give to the users the data or information of other users if this data or information does not infringe the law or these general conditions of use.

MiParcela can delete any content from the web site if it is considered illegal without previous notice.

The USER acknowledges that for technical reasons it is impossible to guarantee a permanent accessibility to the site. However, MiParcela will make every effort to keep the Web Site permanently available. Especially because of maintenance tasks, security or capacity and because of external events (for example malfunctions in the public communication lines, electrical failures…) malfunctions of the Web Site or short suspensions of the service can occur.

2.3 User conditions

The USER accepts to make a proper use of the web site and its services according to the law, to good customs, and these general conditions of use as well as to any applicable particular condition of use; keeping the due respect to the other users of the web site.

In general terms the access to the web site services does not require the User's previous registration. However, there are particular sections of the web site that can only be accessed by to registered users. The registry requires a user identifier (an email address) and a password. Not registered users can visit the public sections of the site and they must never try to access the sections reserved for registered users unless they have been authorized to do so with the assignation of an identifier and a password.

The use of the password is strictly personal. The use of the password cannot be granted to third parties, even temporally. In accordance to this, the user is asked to adopt the proper measures for the safekeeping of her or his password, avoiding its use by third parties. In consequence, only the User is responsible for the safety of his or her password with complete indemnity for MiParcela. If the User suspects or knows that his or her password is being use by a third party, he or she should contact immediately MiParcela to inform of the situation.

The above mentioned registry process will be completed in the form mentioned in the same service.

All the information given by the User through the services of the web site must be true and exact. To these effects, the User guarantees the veracity of all the data provided through the forms of mandatory fulfillment for the access to the services.

It will also be the user's responsibility to keep constantly updated the provided information so it responds to the actual situation of the property. In any case, only the user will be responsible in case of false or inaccurate data and the possible damage caused to MiParcela.

By using the contents and services of the web site, the User accepts the applicable law and the rights of third parties. The reproduction, distribution, transmission, adaption or modification by any means or in any way of the contents of the web site (texts, designs, graphics, information, data bases, sound or image files, logos…) is strictly forbidden, except in case of previous authorization of its legitimate owners and when permitted by the law.

Any use of the web site different from its purpose is strictly forbidden. Specially, the User must not: publish untrue or injurious content, independently of the harm that these contents could mean for other users, other people o companies; publish pornographic content or any content against the laws protecting minors or advertize, offer or share any pornographic content or any content against the laws protecting minors; bother the other users (specially through spam), use legally protected contents ( for instance, by legislation related to intellectual property, brands, patents or models) without having the right to do so, or advertize, offer or share goods or legally protected goods as well as perform or induce actions contrary to free concurrency including the systems of progressive acquisition of clients (chain, snow ball, pyramids).

The following actions are prohibited to the Use:

  • The use of mechanisms, software or scripts related to the use of the web site.
  • To block, overwrite, modify or copy the contents of the web site, unless these actions are needed for the proper use of the services of the web site. For instance, copying using search engine technologies (robot crawler type) is not necessary for the correct use of the services of the web site so it is strictly forbidden.
  • The public diffusion or reproduction of the contents of the web site MiParcela or of other users without previous authorization.
  • Any action able to damage the functionality of the web site infrastructure, especially those intended to overcharge it.
  • To use any of the contents or data of this web site with illicit purposes or purposes explicitly forbidden in the present general conditions of use as well as in any particular conditions that could be eventually implemented. Any action against MiParcela's rights and interests, its staff and/or third parties is strictly forbidden. The user responsible should respond before MiParcela and/or before third parties if he or she infringes or contravenes these obligations and whenever and by any way (including the spreading of computer viruses) he or she harms, collapses, overcharges, damages or causes detriment to the normal use of the of the contents and information published on the web site, to the information systems or the documents, to the files and to any kind of content stored in any computer of MiParcela (hacking), its staff or a user.

The user acknowledges and voluntarily accepts to use of the services under his or her own responsibility.

The user will respond to any kind of damage that MiParcela could be inflicted as the result of the intentional incompliance with any of the obligations to which the user is subject according to these General Conditions of Use or the incompliance with the law related to the use of the service.

2.4 Disclaimer of warranty and responsibility

Except for those cases explicitly described in the present legal conditions of the web site, MiParcela is not responsible for the damages of any kind that could result from lack of exactitude, lack of detail and/or the presence of incorrect, missing, or out of date information in the data or services offered by the Web Site or any other contents that could be access though the Web Site. MiParcela does not assume any duty to verify or control its contents or information.

MiParcela does not guarantee the availability, continuity or infallibility in the function of the Web Site and its services. So MiParcela is excluded, to the maximum limit allowed by the current legislation, of any responsibility for the damages of any kind that could result from the unavailability, discontinuity in the access to the Web Site or any of its services as well as to the errors that could occur accessing any of the pages of the site.

MiParcela does not assume any responsibility for the contents, data or information provided by the Users of the Web Site, as well as for the contents of external web site to which MiParcela could have links. MiParcela does not guarantee specially the contents and the purpose of the contents of these external web sites.

MiParcela does not assume any responsibility for the for the damages of any kind that could result from the services provided by third parties through this web site as well as to the means these third parties could habilitate in order to manage the service requests and specially: for acts of unfair competition, illicit advertizing as consequence of the providing of third party services through the web site as well as due to the lack of veracity, lack of exactitude, lack of detail or pertinence; or the presence of malicious, erroneous, or updated information in the contents shared, stored, received, obtained or made accessible through the services provided by third partied through this web site. MiParcela does not provide any real estate mediation services. MiParcela is not a real estate agent it only offers an information service totally accessible through the web site. The users interested in any of the properties listed on should contact the announcers directly. MiParcela will not take part in any contract relation between the users and it will not be responsible of the quality, content or accessibility of the services provided by the announcers.

MiParcela will not be responsible either for the opinions published by the users on the web site, forums, blogs communities or any other participation device provided by the web site.

2.5 Links to third party sites

In order to facilitate access to information available on the Internet, MiParcela includes within its contents links to websites owned and/or operated by third parties.

MiParcela assumes no liability whatsoever arising from the content of third parties linked from the website and does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements that could cause alterations in the computer system (hardware and software), and in the documents or files of the users. MiParcela regularly monitors the links to third party websites. However, in the event that any user, advertiser or third party, considers that the content or services provided by linked sites are illegal, violate values or constitutional principles or rights, or are injurious to the user, the advertiser or a third party, please inform MiParcela Farmer Marketing SL (CIF B-63350078) Alcalde Barnils Av, 64-68, 08174, Sant Cugat del Vallés, Barcelona, Spain, e-mail especially if the links are:

  • Activities or contents that could be considered criminal under Spanish criminal law.
  • Activities or contents that violate intellectual property rights or industrial property.
  • Activities or contents that jeopardize public order, criminal investigation and public safety.
  • Activities or contents that jeopardize the public health protection, respect for the dignity, the principle of non-discrimination, protection of health and children or any other value or constitutional principle.

2.6 Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms and all other legal conditions of the Website will be governed by Spanish law.

For any questions which may arise or actions taken arising from the services and contents provided by MiParcela and the interpretation, implementation, enforcement or breach of what is established in these terms, MiParcela and the User subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Barcelona, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that might correspond.

3. Intellectual and industrial property rights

Copyright © 2009 - MiParcela Farmer Marketing, S.L - All rights reserved.

This site is governed by Spanish law and is protected by national and international legislation on intellectual property.

All content displayed on the Website and in particular the database, business studies, designs, text, graphics, logos, icons, language code, software, trade names, trademarks, industrial drawings or any other signs susceptible to industrial and commercial use are subject to the intellectual and industrial property rights of MiParcela and / or third party holders who have duly authorized their inclusion on the Website.

It is forbidden to distribute, modify, transfer, publish, and/or any other activity not expressly authorized by the holder of the exploitation rights. Unauthorized use of materials and information contained in the Site may involve violation of the law on intellectual property and other laws.

4.Users data protection policy

4.1 Right to information

This data protection policy regulates access and use of the web site (hereinafter MiParcela)that MiParcela Farmer Marketing, Inc. makes available to Internet users interested in its services and contents (hereinafter the "Users")

In accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter LOPD) MiParcela as owner of the Website, informs the user of the existence of files containing personal data created by MiParcela and under its responsibility.

MiParcela fully complies with the current legislation regarding the protection of personal data, and the requirements of confidentiality of its activity.

The users who decide to register in are asked to provide only the information strictly necessary to achieve the purpose for which our Website is intended, which is being an on-line service for advertizing and searching land for sale.

To that end, users will be required to fill up a registration form which will include their personal data. The processing of these data is just aiming at the achievement of the goals of the Website. The data provided by users will be incorporated into a personal database that is duly registered with the Data Protection Agency.

4.2 Purpose.

Registered users data are collected through the forms of the website for the following purposes:

  • Make possible to the owners the publishing and management of their land for sale listings.
  • Make possible to the owners and real estate agents the creation and publishing of a land for sale sheet including a contact form so they can be contacted by the users interested in buying their land.
  • Creation of a sellers sheet which works as an advertizing support for real estate agents and brokers.
  • Allow users to search for land for sale by an advance search system.
  • Creation of a glossary with all the information related to the real estate market.
  • Creating a blog with all information related to real estate.
  • Sending to users e-mail alerts of new land for sale according to their preferences.
  • Free subscription to electronic communications and promotional information via e-mail and/or mobile phone relating to real estate and other sectors as detailed in paragraph 4.6 of this Privacy Policy via email and mobile phone.

4.3 Mandatory and optional information and veracity of information

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) in the registration forms and in the listing form are mandatory. The inclusion of data in the remaining fields is voluntary.

The user guarantees that the personal data provided to MiParcela are truthful and the user is responsible to communicate any amendments thereto.

The users guarantee that any personal information they provide is accurate and updated so it responds truthfully to the user's or property current situation. It is the duty of the users to maintain, at all times, their data updated, and the user bears sole responsibility for the inaccuracy or falsity of the information provided and for any damages caused thereby to MiParcela or others by reason of the use of services offered by MiParcela.

4.4 User Consent

By filling up the forms and clicking to send data, the User acknowledges having read and accepted expressly the legal terms of MiParcela and gives clear and express consent to the processing of personal data for the above mentioned purposes and services provided by MiParcela.

The data obtained is adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the scope, aims and services specified, explicit and legitimate of MiParcela.

Likewise, the Users listing an ad of land for sale agree at the time of registration, that the data of their land and its photographs as well as their data will be publicly visible to other users at MiParcela as well as in various search engines.

The Users may unsubscribe or modify their data fast and free at any time they wish through their personal account.

4.5 Data provided by minors

If you are a minor and have accessed this Web Site without telling your parents you must not register as a user.

4.6 Electronic Communications

The completion and submission of the electronic forms at implies full, clear, free and informed consent from the user to receive via email, telephone and / or mobile telephone communications containing news, updates and relevant information of the website and electronic communications relating to real estate and the following sectors:

  • Computing and technology
    • IT, software, and technology
    • Internet
    • Digital TV / Satellite / Cable
    • Telephony / Mobile Telephony
  • Food / Nutrition
  • Arts / Crafts, Decoration and Interior desing
  • News and communications to collaborate or partner with NGOs / Sponsorship
  • Construction / repairing
  • Pets
  • business exchange services
  • Purchase and sale of companies
  • Franchises
  • Financial services:
    • Finance
    • Private Banking
    • Stock and Investment
    • Brokers
    • Credit: Loans & Mortgages
    • Bank Accounts and Credit Cards
    • Investment Funds
    • Mortgage
    • Renting & Leasing
    • Insurance
  • Digital Channels
  • Motor / Automotive & Boating
  • Leisure Fun:
    • Digital Channels
    • Leisure
    • Cinema and Entertainment
    • Culture / Museums
    • Photography
    • Games
    • Restaurants and Clubs
    • Video Games and Multimedia
  • Items for Women and Men
    • Footwear
    • Cosmetic & Perfumery
    • Personal Care
    • Jewelry, watches, optical
    • Fashion and Accessories
  • Travel:
    • Flight deals
    • Travel deals
    • Travel packages
    • Rental of motor and no motor vehicles
    • Agritourism
    • Holidays and Weekends
    • Business Travel
  • Items for children
    • Baby products
    • Children's Footwear
    • Toys / Games / Education
    • Children's clothing
  • Music / Books
  • Training / Employment
  • Health and Welfare:
    • Food
    • Ecology and Environment
    • Health, Healthy Life
  • Funeral Services
  • Sports
    • Team sports (Football, Basketball, etc.).
    • Water sports
    • Radical and Adventure Sports
    • Sports equipment
    • Fitness
    • Tenis, Golf, Esquí y Ciclismo

    Upon request through form the users at any time may receive e-mail alerts on land lots for sale best suited to their preferences.

    MiParcela provides two mechanisms so users can modify or eliminate these services easily, quickly and free.

    By entering their personal menu and deactivate the option of electronic communications and/or e-mail alerts. By following the instructions included in each electronic communications or e-mail alert.

4.7 Security

In accordance with the Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December, approving the Regulations implementing the Act 15 / 1999 of 13 December on protection of personal data and other control procedures for the security of information systems, MiParcela informs the users that all technical and organizational measures have been taken in order to guarantee the security of personal data and avoid its alteration, loss, unauthorized access or treatment.

In accordance with the applicable law, MiParcela agrees to comply with the duty of secrecy and confidentiality for the personal data contained in its automated files. However, MiParcela cannot guarantee the absolute invulnerability of its security systems. Therefore, MiParcela is excluded from any liability for damages of any kind that may result from the presence of viruses or other items that may cause alterations in the computer system (software and hardware), electronic documents and files of the user or any third party, including those resulting from the use of services provided by third parties through this website.

Users are informed that the use of electronic data transmission and electronic mail does not provide absolute guarantees of safety. The User and MiParcela mutually exonerate each other of any liability arising from events such as non-receipt, delay, error or interception of electronic communications.

4.8 Cookies and IPs

The user accepts the use of cookies and IP tracking. Our website traffic analyzer uses cookies and IP tracking allowing us to collect data for statistical purposes. This data includes information such as: date of first visit, number of visits, date of last visit, URL and domain from which a visit comes, browser used and screen resolution. Users can disable and / or eliminate these cookies by following the instructions in their browsers.

This Web site reports that it is attached to the advertising system "Google Adsense" which uses "cookies" to display advertising contents related to the navigation performed by the user. When a user accesses a web site attached to the services of "Google Adsense" and click on it introduces a cookie in the user's browser. Via this cookie, "Google" collects navigational information from the user and then publishes advertizing through the advertising program "Google Adsense".

The users can disable at any time the Google cookie through the cookie deactivation menu of their browser.

MiParcela does not use spammimg techniques and will only process the data transmitted by the users through the electronic forms on the website or emails.

4.9 Right of Access, correction and cancellation of data

Registered users have the right to access their data, correct it or unsubscribe from MiParcela.

These rights can be exercised on the website through the Personal Menu. In case of problems doing this online, or for any questions or concerns about our data protection policy please contact


Avda. Alcalde Barnils, 64-68, Bloque D, 4th floor

08174, Sant Cugat del Vallés - Barcelona

Or through e-mail: indicating the reference case.

The processing of personal data, and the sending of commercial communications by electronic means, are consistent with the Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data (BOE of 14 December 1999 and Law 34/2002 of 11 July, services of Information Society and Electronic Commerce (BOE of 12 July 2002) and other regulations implementing them.

4.10 Modification of this Data Protection Policy

MiParcela reserves the right to amend this policy to adapt it to future legislative or jurisprudential changes.

4.11 Applicable Law

This Data Protection Policy and all other Web Site Legal Terms are governed in each and every one of its clauses by Spanish law.

Legal terms (29-07-2009)