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Land in Linares (Jaén) of 5,7 ha

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Basic information about the land

  • Price: Negotiable
  • Size: 5,7 ha
  • Street access: Ascending
  • Type: Rural property
  • Slope: Gentle
  • Buildable:

    Edificios de patrimonio histórico y minero. Ermita minera.


Finca en venta de 57 hectáreas

Contact with the seller

Telephone number:
902095616 + ext. 55912


Situada a 2 km. de la Autovía de Andalucía Nº4, aen el término municipal de Linares (Carretera de Baños Km. 8). 1.500 olivas jóvenes en producción, con 15 años. 3.400 m2 de naves industriales construídas. Casa de campo de 140 m2 totalmente acondicionada y otras 6 viviendas de 120m2 a rehabilitar

Services and equipment on the plot

  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Telephone number
  • Natural gas
  • Cellular phone reception
  • Sewer
  • Drainage
  • Street lights
  • Sidewalks
  • Postal service: In post office

Soil, exposure and noises


  • Soil composition: Granitic
  • Vegetation: Wooded
  • Distance to the power line: Less than 5 km
  • Frontage fencing: Metal
  • Back fencing: Concrete
  • Right-side fencing: Metal
  • Left-side fencing: Metal
  • In gross and/or appurtenant easements: Telephone line, Power line, Water line


  • Community noise level: None
  • Noise type: Natural

Access and neighbourhood


  • Distance from the entrance of the residential community to the plot: Less than 1 km
  • Distance to the nearest town: More than 5 km
  • Distance to the nearest train station: More than 5 km
  • Distance to the nearest bus station: More than 5 km
  • Distance to the nearest school bus station: More than 5 km
  • Accessibility to the plot : Paved road
  • Pavement condition on frontage road: Paved
  • Distance to cover on unpaved road to the plot : More than 5 km


  • Distance to the nearest school: More than 5 km
  • Distance to the nearest grocery store: Less than 2 km
  • Distance to the nearest pharmacy: More than 5 km
  • What kind of houses can be seen from the plot: 0

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