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Land in Calasparra (Murcia) of 1.250 m² Residential community


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Basic information about the land

  • Price: 12.500 €   /  10 €/m2
  • Size: 1.250 m²
  • fachada: 25 m
  • Street access: Ascending
  • Type: Urban lot
  • Slope: Gentle
  • Buildable:

    Parcela totalmente urbanizada, con todos los servicios, en la que se puede construir una vivienda unifamiliar de 300 m2 y dos plantas de altura.


Residential community

Contact with the seller


Posee magníficas vistas. Naturaleza pura. Excelente oportunidad de inversión.

Services and equipment on the plot

  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Telephone number
  • Cellular phone reception
  • Sewer
  • Drainage
  • Street lights
  • Sidewalks
  • Postal service: In mailbox

Soil, exposure and noises


  • Soil composition: Rocky
  • Vegetation: Bushes with some trees
  • Distance to the power line: Less than 0,5 km
  • Frontage fencing: None
  • Back fencing: None
  • Right-side fencing: None
  • Left-side fencing: None
  • In gross and/or appurtenant easements: None

View and exposure

  • Exposure: Southern
  • Hours of direct sun exposure: All day
  • Line-of-sight: Horizon
  • View quality: Impeccable
  • Espectaculares vistas
  • Sea view: No
  • Natural park view: Yes


  • Community noise level: None
  • Noise type: Natural

Access and neighbourhood


  • Distance from the entrance of the residential community to the plot: Less than 1 km
  • Distance to the nearest town: Less than 2 km
  • Distance to the nearest train station: Less than 2 km
  • Distance to the nearest bus station: Less than 1 km
  • Distance to the nearest school bus station: Less than 1 km
  • Accessibility to the plot : Paved road
  • Pavement condition on frontage road: Paved
  • Distance to cover on unpaved road to the plot : Less than 0,5 km


  • Distance to the nearest school: Less than 5 km
  • Distance to the nearest grocery store: Less than 2 km
  • Distance to the nearest pharmacy: Less than 2 km
  • How many of the neighbors are permanent (non-seasonal) residents?: 0
  • What kind of houses can be seen from the plot: Brick
  • viviendas tipo chalet, de estilo mediterráneo, con plantaciones y piscina
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Community features

  • Municipality : Calasparra (Murcia)
  • Agency in charge of the community: ENTIDAD URBANýSTICA DE CONSERVACIýN
  • City council's phone number: 968720044
  • City council's website:


  • Private security system: Se desconoce
  • Burglaries in the last 2 years: Se desconoce
  • Noise:None
  • Noise source: Natural Al estar poco edificado, se tiene la sensaciýn de estar en plena naturaleza

Facilities in the community:

  • Children's playground
  • Sports facilities